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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Honor6 - Un boxing and First Impression

Honor 6 has been covered rather extensively in our blog for the past few days and all that because we are actually receiving a unit for our own usage.

We purchased this unit thru Huawei Official Store on and we received it the next day.

The phone arrive in a simple Blue coloured box with Honor name on top of it. Seems like everyone is following Apple’s footstep regarding packaging with a simple box.

inside the box, a warranty card sit neatly on top of the phone and please take good care of the card.

The phone is packed inside a normal plastic bag and below the phone is where the charger is. There is no earplugs that came together with the box as Honor are selling it seperately for 90 ringgit or 27 USD.

First Impression
To be honest, the phone design is really beautiful and actually very light. We ordered the black colour phone and after a while we can already see the smudges and finger print all over the phone's shining body.
If you thinking to buy one, maybe you can consider the white option as it is harder to see smudges or finger print on a white phone.

Display / Screen
The 1080 full HD screen is really bright and beautiful with 445ppi and because this phone uses soft key, the bezel at the top and the bottom are nicely proportionate. The side bezel are really thin and that help to make holding it easier than other 5 inch screen phone.

User Interface
Honor 6 are powered by Android 4.4.2 with EmotionUI 2.3 that actually looked and feels a little like apple’s IOS. For those who are familiar with Xiaomi MiUI, the design cue from MiUI are seen almost everywhere in this EmotionUI version.

Build Quality
Honor 6 looked premium but feels cheap maybe because of the weight somehow doesn't feels right. Its very hard to explain it but you just couldn't feel it as a premium built phone even though it looks like it's premium built quality.

We actually did some benchmark test right after we got a hold of this phone with help of some friends and you guys can read it in the earlier blog post.

Honor 6 is actually a very good phone with a could be great hardware (Mali GPU) and if the next version dump the Mali GPU with something better, Honor could be a force to be reckon with.

1. Nice premium design
2. Fast processor and huge RAM
3. Huge 3100mAh battery
4. Fast and fluid OS with beautiful interface (EmotionUI 2.3)
5. Ability to change themes
6. 13MP camera back and 5MP front camera
7. Expandable Storage

1. Feels cheap
2. Mali GPU
3. Non-changeable battery 

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