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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Huawei Honor 6 Online Purchase -

Huawei sub brand Honor, have just completed another round of online sale for their recently launched Honor6 smartphone thru their Official Online Store.

The sale of Honor6 smartphone start at 11:58am and was completely sold out within 15 minutes later.
We are one of the lucky ones to manage to put our order thru.

The next sale would be on 4th November 2014 and for those interested buyer you can register on the Official Store now

Right after the sale went online, we’ve manage to place an order straight away and we also notice some user are getting “server busy” page during that time.

If you get the “Server Busy” webpage, just click on the refresh button and pray that lady luck is on your side.

Within an hour we login again and went straight to My Order page to complete our payment.

The payment was smooth and easy to understand with multiple payment option and if you are a user of on-line banking then you will be amazed at the supported banking payment method.

This multiple online banking support was available thru MEPS payment system that supports almost all retail banking in Malaysia.

Before any payment is made, please make sure you check you mailing address is correct. You don’t want the smartphone to go missing.

So all in all it was a very pleasant experience and now we just wait for the phone to arrive.

Stay tune next for Unboxing post and review.

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