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Saturday, 25 October 2014

"Kill my Time" app Vainglory

I just found this game accidently while looking around Appstore on my Ipad mini and somehow i'm hooked.
I cant stop playing it and its kind of annoying because the gameplay is so simple (normally i dont like simple games). I even introduced it to my friend and seriously it is really "addictive".

The ultimate goal of the game is to destroy the opponent's giant crystal on the other end of the map and that is really it.

Getting there is where the best part of the game is, you play as party of 3 (either your friends of just random stranger) and have to work together to win.

Here a brief intro about the game
1. You need to destroy opponent's giant crystall
2. You can capture mines that will give additional boost for minions or money
3. You can also capture kraken that will help you to destroy everything in its way (really hard to kill)
4. Pray that your team member are active and know what to do (if playing with random strangers)

You can download this from Apple AppStore

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