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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mobile Benchmark - Benchmarking Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 920T (Honor 6 LTE)

Huawei's own chip maker arm, HiSilicon recently updated their Kirin family of SoC with the release of Kirin 920.This SoC is an Octa Core (4 Core Cortex-A15 + 4 Core Cortex-A7) using the latest ARM's big.LITTLE Architecture.

Recently, we manage to get a hold of Honor6 smart phone, the first smart phone using the new Kirin 920 paired with 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM. The downside of this Octa-Core chip set is that the SoC still uses Mali-T628 MP4 GPU for Graphic even though a newer generation of Mali GPU is already available and used by Mediatek in their latest SoC offering.

On paper, Kirin 920 would still be a force in the SoC world but only a real world test would actually show any truth to their Octa-Core superiority.

With the help of few friends, we've manage to run our basic benchmark test using Basemark OS II that is available for almost all mobile OS here.

The test was done without any intention to beat anyone so, the result might be different from you readers out there as the test was run on a working mobile phone with running background apps.

We've manage to gather few models from Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Honor and here is the result.

System Memory Graphic Web Overall
Hafiz- Apple Iphone 6 plus 2320 525 2389 1094 1336
Kodt- Xiaomi Mi 3W-Perf 1602 523 2633 961 1207
Navin – Xiaomi Mi 3-perf 1476 421 2581 972 1118
Aaj - Samsung Note 3 -Perf 1387 542 2633 683 1079
Hafiz – Sony Xperia Z1 1135 400 2389 960 1010
Honor6 1666 542 838 854 897
AAJ- Samsung Note 3 1278 436 1768 642 891
Mopis – HTC One M8 892 315 2745 856 885
Hafiz – Samsung GalaxyTab S 1362 395 1032 812 819
Dross – Samsung Galaxy S4 871 402 272 700 508
Lumia925 478 618 371 424 464
Man – Xiaomi Redmi Note 1052 283 404 323 444
Foxx – Samsung Note 2 821 247 287 654 442
Gani – Xiaomi RedMi Note 1096 242 398 326 431
Kambak – Apple Iphone 4s 558 78 114 683 241
Razip – Samsung GalaxyTab7 Plus 430 150 183 71 170

Overall Score
Let Start with the Overall score result where Apple’s new Iphone 6 Plus seems to be the overall winner here, leaving every android phone in the dust. Honor6 come in 6th and the overall score for Kirin 920 is still below the established Snapdragons used by Xiaomi's Mi3 and Samsung's Note 3.


On the System side, Honor6's Kirin 920 manage to beat all the other Snapdragon smart phones. This might be because of the adoption of ARM's latest big.LITTLE architecture.

GPU Graphic

Graphics GPU on the other hand are the Kirin 920's Achilles heel as the older generation Mali GPU just cant generate the numbers that Adereno 330 that available in HTC One M8.


Kirin 920 by HiSilicon might be great with the latest big.LITTLE architecture and Octa-Core in the processing side but the GPU still fall short from other main SoC players. Maybe with the introduction of Kirin 925 HiSilicon can actually catch up in this very demanding SoC environment.

Care to add your test result to our chart? email us your screenshot with the model of your mobile device to mytechgarbage and we will do the rest

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