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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

OneDrive for Windows Phone - Updated to 4.4

Onedrive or Skydrive as it formerly known as is microsoft take on cloud storage. It maybe not as popular as other cloud storage offering but still have its follower and the follower base is growing since the introduction of Microsoft Office for IOS.

Windows phone on the other hand use onedrive or skydrive as the default cloud storage since version 7.0 and now version 8.1

I personally uses onedrive exclusively on all my devices be it Android, ios of windows as I find it easy to move file between all my devices including my desktop PC and my work notebook.

In the new updated version for Windows Mobile, OneDrive version 4.4 intergrate together OneDrive personal and the ability to add OneDrive for Business account together. This might came in handy if my company actually have OneDrive for Business.

The ability to link both account is really a great addition if Microsoft want to push it Cloud storage to the Business / Enterprise user.

Seems that microsoft is really trying to penetrate the Enterprise segment with this drive. Since Windows Phone adoption rate is still low comparing to the big 2 of Android and IOS, any move is always a good move and maybe can add more Enterprise / Business user with this flexible offering.

For all windows phone user, you can download the latest version 4.4 here

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