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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Whatsapp for windows phone - update ver. 2.11.596 ( *update 2.11.596.0 released on 6th November )

* Update (6th November) : The build number for whatsapp pushed to 2.11.596 with minimal information in the change log other than enhancement and bug fixes. Most notable change is the colour for messages that has been read will change to blue.

After a while of beta testing, new update of whatsapp is now available thru Windows Store. The version build now is 2.11.586 which support many feature that already available in other version for IOS and Android.

The change log stated all what we've heard coming before in the Beta version;

1.      Faster loading

2.      Share location: drop and drag pin support

3.      Add caption to picture and video

4.      Crop and rotate picture

5.      Archive chats and groups

6.      Assign own background for each chat / group

7.      Better support for phone with high resolution

Other than the stated above, one thing really stood up is the font size for chat / display are now nicer and would follow your specific model. This actually a very good change as whatsapp now are capable to show more when used on bigger resolution model

This capability is already available in other OS and with Whatsapp version update, the gap are now smaller and that might help ease the noise and complaints that Microsoft is getting for their lack of update / apps.

Updates are available now from Windows Store

What do you think of the new updates? Feel free to comment below

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