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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Honor 6 EMUI 3.0 Preview - How to download System Application update

*update : EMUI 3.0 finally launched for Honor 6 internationa version phones and you can read this for the How-to and also download the update file

EMUI (Emotion UI) is a skinned Android system that is build by Huawei for their Smartphones. The latest version EMUI 3.0 recently launched in China on the 3rd November and now available to all China's local smartphone models. The update for international Honor 6 model on the other hand is currently not available yet for download (officially).

"Almost 10 weeks after Honor 6 EMUI 3.0 beta testing, Huawei has now released the official EMUI 3.0 Android 4.4 KitKat update for the Honor 6 Chinese variants. Honor 6 availability is scarce in other regions so if you own a Honor 6 right now, chances are that you have imported the Unicom version from China. Huawei published the official update for all Chinese variants including China Telecom versions and 2 China Unicom versions of the Honor 6. Here are the quick details of 2 Unicom firmwares,"

The latest version spot a flatter design and follows the current design trend with the flatter and natural basic colour interface.

You can head over to EMUI official website for more pictures and feature explanations.

Released date for international version phones are still unknown and every international model owner can just only imagine how does it feels to be using the latest interface.

Or that just what Huawei made you think.

Thanks to Honor Family Malaysia facebook group members, we've manage to find a way to have a preview of the new design on some systems tools updates such as Music, File Manager and Backup.

Here is the difference between the current version 2.3 and latest 3.0

Music (EMUI 2.3)

Music (EMUI 3.0) 

File Manager (EMUI 2.3)

File Manager (EMUI 3.0)

Backup (EMUI 2.3)

Backup (EMUI 3.0)

Here is how you too can have the system tools updates.

1. You have to "Allow installation of non Google Play Apps" (Settings - Security - Device Administration)
2. Browse to Huawei app store at
3. Download and install Huawei appcenter
4. Look under Update and choose what you want to install

Enjoy the preview everyone and a very big thank you to Honor Family Malaysia for the tips.

Please do leave a comment if you need more information or have some tips for us..

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