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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

IOS 8.1.1 update available - Performance improvememt for older device

Cheer up all iPhone 4s and ipad 2 owner, Apple has released the latest update 8.1.1 to help make our old device better again.

The update size varies from device from as low as 60+ MB on iPhone 4s to 360+ MB on ipad mini retina. On ipad 2 the size is around 130 MB.

Apple has been on the news for some bad reason relating to their previous update (8.0.1) that somehow making iPhones unusable, Apple dimisses the report saying that the issue only affected a few percent of the overall global user.

As an IPad 2 user, any improvement upgrade would be a great help, since the update to iOS 8 on our
iPad 2, the experience is very bad with lagging, system freeze and even unstable apps. This improvement would also be applicable for older iPad Mini and iPods as they share the same processor.

Lets see if the update can help those users on iPhone 4s and iPad 2 and there is no detail on the update as of now other than performance enhancement on those devices.

Will keep you guys updated once we have test it.

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