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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lollipop Update - Will Xiaomi, One Plus, Huawei, Oppo and Meizu get it?


Chinese brands of Android smartphone are now invading the world market with their lower price point and good hardware. But with Android fragmentation is a well known issue even for the big companies, how would these Chinese company fare in providing update to the latest line of Smartphones.

Since the launching of Lollipop (5.0), HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and LG have all came out publicly announcing that all the current flagship smartphone will be getting the update and some of the brands have already pushing the update such as LG and Motorola.

Lets take a look at some of the bigger Chinese brands and their selected flagship phones and see how they fare in the Lollipop update schedule.

Xioami MIUI 6 is the latest release from the gigantic phone manufacturer available on september 2014. The latest MIUI v6 is build on KitKat and its actually almost exactly 1 year since the release of KitKat (september 2013).
MIUI v6 is still relatively new, we dont think a Lollipop version of the MIUI would be available soon and do expect Lollipop update to be available atleast another 6 Month.
The good news is Hugo Barra himself assured that Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone will be receiving Lollipop update but without any time frame.

Expectation : 8-12 month (June to October 2015)

One Plus
One plus owner will be getting the Lollipop version quite soon as One plus is using CyanogenMod as the main interface and he good news is CM12 of the latest Lollipop is already available for selected hardware.

Expectation : 3-6 Month ( January to April 2015)

Huawei own EMUI is now at version 3.0 on Kitkat and just like Xiaomi are almost a year behind the official launcing of KitKat.
EMUI is also still new and even some flagship phone are not getting the latest EMUI update yet.
The good news is that some older phone that was shipped with Jellybean will skip KitKat and will be getting Lollipop.

Expectation : 8-12 month (June to October 2015)

Oppo's ColorOS on their flagship Find7 and Find7a was recently updated to KitKat on October 2014, one month after the announcement of Lollipop.
There is no news on the availability of ColorOS on lollipop as of writing and looking at the Kitkat update was 1 year behind, expect the same time frame before we can see any Lollipop on Oppo.

Expectation : 8-12 month (June to October 2015)

Meizu with their flagship MX4 and MX4 Pro have already started their Lollipop update project but as other brands in this list, no timeline is available and to made matter worst, Meizu have 2 UI that is FlymeOS and YunOS (Alibaba).

Expectation : 3-6 month (January to April 2015)

All this expectation date are totally assumption and at best, estimation based on the previous update releases from these brands.

If you are one of the user of these brands, currently a lot of unofficial ROM on Lollipop already available through multiple forums and you are free to download it if you just can't wait for the official release.

lets hope they prove us wrong by releasing the official update earlier then expectation. Until then, enjoy your Kitkat!!

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