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Monday, 24 November 2014

Lumia Denim is Coming - What will be missing from the current dev preview

* Update : The Lumia Denim update on December actually pushed together with the latest build available on Developer Preview (8.10.14219.341)

Lumia Denim would be rolling out in this quarter to all Lumia devices worldwide after the initial release on Lumia 730, Lumia 735, Lumia 830 and the latest phone Lumia 535.
It has been almost 3 month since the announcement of Lumia Denim update and those who were on Microsoft Developer Preview are wondering would Lumia Denim be something worth while to update to as Developer Preview version has change a lot since then.

Lumia Denim would bring all the new feature in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 and also few unique Lumia software and enhancements. 

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 update would bring feature such as;
1. Cortana - UK and China (Beta), India, Canada and Australia (Alpha)
2. Live Folders - Ability to create folder with live tile running
3. Apps Corner - Customize start screen where apps can be limited on deployment such as MDM 
4. SMS merge or forwarding - Ability to delete individual text messages for deletion or fowarding
5. Snooze Time - Create snooze time with alarm app
6. Consumer VPN - create VPN that can connect back to Enterprise resources safely.
7. Mobile website improvement for IE - IE would now support more mobile website that previously made for Safari browser
8. Store Live Tile (US only) - Live tile would display most popular and what relevant to user
9. Phone Cover App - OEM can create app that correspond with phone cover.

While Lumia unique experience would bring feature exclusive to Lumia but some of this are Hardware dependent and would only be available to selected models. Listed below are some of the Lumia Denim enhancement 
1. Lumia Camera - replacing the Nokia Camera apps with faster and more intuitive experience 
2. Glance - the new Glance screen now can support Weather and Health apps information in addtion to date, time, notification and chosen application data.
3. Moments Capture - 4K quality video recording at 24 FPS (selected models)
4. Speed and Rich Capture - Faster shooting speed with Auto HDR and dynamic flash 
5. "Hey Cortana" voice activation - Simply say "Hey Cortana" and cortana would be activated (Selected models)

This bundle of enhancement would be a welcomed addition to anyone currently running the Cyan update but for some who are on developer preview would be a step back as there have been multiple version build update since the announcement of Windows Phone 8.1 update 1. 

The current build for now is 8.10.14203.306 while the build for 8.1 update 1 is 8.10.14176.243 and it brings enhancement such as
1. Phone Update - Now can support critical update installation, schedule installation and SD card download
2. Battery Sense - New Battery sense update with better feature.

Maybe Microsoft would release the latest update build to everyone as Update 1 patch in the near future as Windows 10 would be the things to look out for comes 2015.

As of now, we've heard reports of Denim update released in certain country on certain models and those who are on Developer Preview would have to flash the factory firmware before doing Denim update.
For those who are on the dev preview it will be a question of whether it is worth doing the downgrade.

please leave a comment if you already installed the Denim update and is the update worth the downgrade? 

Source : Microsoft 

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