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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Miezu's Ubuntu Touch OS - Coming first quarter 2015

The first Canoninal's Ubuntu Touch phone OS is coming next year from Chinese manufacturer Meizu. As reported by gizmochina, Meizu MX4 might be release in the first quarter of next year preloaded with Ubuntu Touch. Earlier this year, Canonical announce that Meizu from China and BQ from Europe will produce phones preloaded with Ubuntu Touch from 2015. In april, Meizu demonstrated Ubuntu Touch vanilla OS running on MX3 phone to show Ubuntu's new OS capability.

The new Meizu phone might not be running Ubuntu Touch vanilla OS but would be installed with Meizu own user interface Flyme OS. It has been reported that Flyme OS on Ubuntu would be similar to their android version and that could be a good thing for user adoption.

Ubuntu together with Meizu showcased the latest build on MX3 on April in conjunction with MWC as shown in the video below  

What would be interesting whether Meizu phone would be able to run a full blown desktop as it was one of the biggest selling point of Ubuntu mobile OS. Ubuntu mobile OS run on a full linux system and all the apps are HTML5 based, that would make any HTML5 services such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter is available from the first day. This would be revolutionary as developer doesn't need to write a new app for Ubuntu thus making user transition easier.

If you are interested to try Ubuntu on your own device, you can do so but this is only advisable for developer and manufacturer only as you might lost your data or the worst case render your device useless.
You can head over to Ubuntu developer page and there is a complete manual on how to flash your phone with the latest Ubuntu release (stable).

As the launch date is not far away, we can just wait for the official Ubuntu Touch phones without having to flash our trusty androids. We can't wait for next year, 2015 would be a very exiting year with Sailfish, Ubuntu and Tizen powered smartphone available in the market giving us more options.

Fell free to comment below if you are interested or have already tried the Ubuntu Phone OS as we would like to hear from you.

Source: Gizmochina

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