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Saturday, 22 November 2014

MTG Internet Gems -

Found an Internet gems today through twitter and we cant say for sure if its a joke but we hope it is.

The website is called and as what the title say its actually regarding revenge and bicycle.
Its a single page website with button for pre-order, email signup and mail to.

The whole idea of the website is that they are selling a way to prevent bike theft and that way is to put explosive and just blow the thief hands off.
Here are few excerps from

"Only 2.4%* of stolen bikes are ever recovered, but we can make thieves think twice about taking your bicycle."
*2014 data from the New York Police Department

FAQ on the website reads
Is VengeCycle Legal?
VengeCycle is not legal in every state. If you are planning on purchasing VengeCycle, make sure to check that unlicensed use of explosive is legal in your state beforehand 

Is VengeCycle lethal?
No. We have worked very hard to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the use and activation of VengeCycle, including bicycle thieves. Damage is generally limited to the hands and is not considered lethal.

What if I forget to unlock my bike?
Your VengeCycle units will emit a warning beep as your bike approaches the limits of its 50m lock radius so you can unlock it and continue safely on your way. Thieves will obviously not be able to unlock your bicycle’s location, unless they also have your smartphone.

Will VengeCycle replace my conventional bike lock?
We recommend you continue using a conventional lock with VengeCycle. VengeCycle will not prevent bicycle thieves from taking your bicycle, it will only prevent them from getting too far with it and you will have to purchase a new handlebar.

My bicycle has a curved handlebar. Will VengeCycle fit it?
We have run production tests on major bicycle brands and models to ensure that VengeCycle units fit the vast majority of them. You should be able to find a VengeCycle model to fit your bicycle regardless of handlebar type.

There are also testimonial from government agencies around the world on the effectiveness of vengecycle system in tackling bicycle theft ring in Nicaragua to providing the most important public transport system in public bicycle in warsaw.

Head over to the website and have a laugh there.

Source : Twitter , Vengecycle

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