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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Nokia Z Launcher (Beta) - Clean and simple interface for Android

Nokia recently launch the N1 Android tablet with spec and size to match the Ipad Mini Retina with their own Android interpretation.

Nokia own launcher, the Z launcher was the centre piece of the launch of N1 where Nokia demonstrate the Z launcher as "Easy as ABC" with the Letter Scribble System.

We download the launcher from the Nokia website and give it a go on our Honor 6 hardware with 3GB ram as normally launcher would use a lot of RAM and we are supposed to be ready for it with this device.

Installation was easy, just head over to the Z Launcher website, register with your Google account and download.

The version is still a Beta and it is not yet available in Google Play Store.

* Update
The Z Launcher is available at selected Google Play Store and you can just download from there if its available

As usual, you have to allow installation of Apps from other source by going to
Settings > Security > "Allow installation of non-Google Play apps"

Once install, you can choose your home app and make it as default.
Don't worry to set it as default as you can change it back to your preferred Home App in the Z launcher settings

If you notice, we also have the Jolla Angry Birds Launcher that we are currently testing.

The Z Launcher would work with Android 4.1 or higher and please make sure your hardware able to run the additional resources, 2 or 3 GB of RAM would be recommended.

The launcher would show your recent used apps and contact on your home screen so that it is easier to access. interface is clean and simple and for those people who like to have tons of widgets and information show on the home screen, this is clearly not for you.

Apps are sorted alphabetically in the app drawer

As this is just a launcher, it only tells half of the story in what Nokia version of Android would be like because you still uses your phone notification system and other interface.

Cant wait to have a go on the N1 and really see how does the whole Nokia experience would be like.

In the meantime, the Z launcher is a welcome addition to all android user who would like something different and simple.

Source : Nokia


  1. now available on play store but my phone say not supported.. how?

  2. you can use the link in the post if its not supported / not available in your play store. the experience might be different as some i saw with only limited icon available at the bottom.

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