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Monday, 3 November 2014

Shooting in the Dark - Nokia Lumia 925 vs Iphone 6 Plus vs Honor 6

Low light photography was something that mobile phone manufacturer are pushing for since 2013. Nokia Lumia 925 and HTC one (M7) was then the benchmark for other mobile phone manufacturer to compete.

After over a year, many mobile phone manufacturer seems to be able to close the gap or even surpasses the capability of Lumia and HTC one device.

We pitted 2 recently launched phone that is Honor 6 and Iphone 6 Plus with Nokia’s Lumia 925 in our simple low light photography test.

Here is a brief detail of the camera spec for each phone:

Lumia 925 was launched in June 2013 and it has been more a year where Lumia 925 has dominate the Low light photography scene. 

Iphone 6 Plus and Honor 6 both are newly launched phones and should have taken a few pointer of Lumia’s year old technology thus giving both of these new phone added advantages.

The Shootout
Test that we did was actually at an open space area with do direct lighting. We focus on 3 different scenario that is Low light (under the table), macro shot and infinity focus (scenery).

Low light (Under the table)
Lumia 925

Iphone 6 Plus

Honor 6

Macro Shot
Lumia 925

Iphone 6 Plus

Honor 6

Scene shot
Lumia 925

Iphone 6 Plus

Honor 6


Lumia 925
Lumia's photo is unconsistent and a little bit over expose on some pictures and that might be because the Lumia that we test was using the Developer Preview version windows phone and the camera software wasn't optimize.
The colour in Lumia's photo are over saturated (the blue table and chair) than what it should be but the capability to capture bright shot in minimal lighting (as under the table picture shown) must surely come with a price.
Maybe once the updated OS is released, we will have to try and see if Nokia / Microsoft manage to fix the oversampling issue.

Honor 6
Honor 6 seems to be the dark horse in this test as Honor never actually advertise this phone as a great low light camera but still make a decend shot at it.
Photos taken by Honor seems to be able to utilize the big Aperture as found in Lumia and capture as much light as possible.
One suprising result is the dark scenery photo seems to be able to capture the distant projected screen with high quality that something both Lumia and Iphone did not manage to do.
For what it is worth, Honor 6 is actually exceed its expectation and actually manage to give a decent fight with the purpose build low light software available in Iphone and Lumia.

Iphone 6 Plus
Iphone 6 plus really a step up from iphone 5s even with the same aperture number (f/2.2) that is still small comparing with Lumia and Honor6.
The consistency of the photo on each occasion is actually something that apple manage to do well.
the picture seems more natural and a little more realistic than Lumia's even though Iphone didn't show more detail than what lumia is capable.

Picture worth a thousand words but again beauty is subjective.
What do you think? feel free to comment below

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