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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Windows 10 Technical Preview – Part 1 (Installation)

Windows 10 Technical preview is available to all registered Insider Program as a free download. Registration is simple and the Technical Preview copy would be valid to use until April 2015. Everyone are invited to join and install the Technical preview on their computer as that would help Microsoft in building a more user-centric Windows from comments received through Insider Program.

Microsoft's micro website for Windows 10 detailed all the installation option available and how it should be done. Microsoft also highlighted that the preview edition is not even close to be a complete build and please be ready for any bugs.

Please visit the Windows Insider Program website for more details

We have prepared an Acer Iconia W4-820  windows8.1 tablet for this preview and here is the hardware specification

Model     Acer Iconia W4-820
Form factor     8 inch tablet (1280 x 800)
Processor     Intel Atom CPU Z3740 @ 1.33Ghz
RAM     2 GB
Touch     Full Window touch, 5 touch point.

Acer Iconia spec is considerably low and already preloaded with Windows 8.1 32 bit so we download the 32 Bit edition that is smaller than the 64 Bit edition (2.93GB vs 3.81GB) for this evaluation.
Microsoft highlight few option and limitation, depending on the current OS of the test hardware. If you want to do technical preview installation please be ready with your full system backup, as you might lose all of your data.
You can read the full detail here

Downloading the Technical Preview is simple and straight forward, you just need to choose your language and the format (32/64). The installation file is actually an ISO and would need to be mounted or burn on to a DVD for installation.
On windows 8.1, mounting an ISO is easy, you just need to copy the file to internal drive > right click > mount.
Once mounted, a new drive would be available and just run the Setup.exe.

We have some issue with the installation that actually render the device useless in infinite BSOD loop and we are only left with reset option (clear all data). The initial installation was smooth and easy and we actually manage to load to start screen from the initial selection (upgrade and keep all data) but we found out that the wifi driver is not properly installed.
We try to reinstall the driver but we end up BSOD the whole installation and nothing we can do except to reset and lose all data.
Reset seems to do the trick and once it is done, we are presented with a clean installation of Windows Technical Preview and it is very snappy and fast.
While we went through the normal step to login to Microsoft account, we were given an option to restore our installed app and even though without any data, we manage to download all previous running app in this new clean environment.

Lastly but very important, check for latest build and install the November build 9879.

If you guys are interested to have a go, please do visit Microsoft website for Windows Technical preview and understand clearly that this build is still a very early stage and there would be issues and bugs.
There also, Microsoft defined what to be expected of this build and what would be the best way to run the Technical preview.

Part 2 of this, will cover first impression and the differences from Windows 8.1 on touch screen tablets.

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