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Friday, 28 November 2014

Windows 10 Technical Preview – Part 2 (First Impression)

Windows Technical preview

As promised in the earlier post, we will give our take on the latest build of the Technical Preview on a Touchscreen Tablet and how it would differ from your normal Windows 8.1 tablets. The initial build 9741 have some different from Windows 8.1 but the latest November build bring it further with a lot more changes. We will try to list down all the changes in this article and give everyone an idea for those who didn’t update the installation yet. Please be aware that our display settings are low and below the recommended display resolution required by Windows Technical Preview and that could make a lot of difference in experience.

Let’s start with the most obvious one.

Start Button
Start button is back everyone and they are back with a new lease of life. The new start button can open either Start Menu or Start Screen. Start menu is the bigger sibling of the old tried and trusted start menu with a little pin option for metro app. Start screen is the one we’ve seen from the Windows 8.1.
We’ve tested both and with this option available for user, they can change the start button behaviour as they like with just a tick from the Navigation Setting tab.

Modern App
Modern or Metro App as some still called it, is now exclusively on desktop and by default are not full screen. Previous apps such as Internet explorer that have dual identity (desktop and Modern) would be streamlined and would actually be less confusing. There is also a new app’s option button that would give additional option such as Share, Printing, search and Settings for apps. Full Screen can be toggle by using full screen button as it is no longer a default behaviour of Modern Apps.

Task View
We can’t try this feature on our small 8 inch low resolution screen and we would only see running app with X to close them. The new task view is something that would help to do multitasking to another level with Multi Desktop and Multi Screen function but for this Technical Preview, a resolution of Higher than 1280 x 800 is required.

Action Centre
One thing that really stand out it the Action centre, the big brother of Action centre found in Windows Phone is now available in Desktop and Tablets. Here it will show all apps notification and also show any changes done to the OS. Just like the Windows Phone’s Action centre, notification can easily be remove selectively or as a whole.

New Software Keyboard
The new software keyboard are available anytime required on Metro apps and also desktop. This is the best improvement that we felt as the previous software keyboard on Windows 8.1 are not consistent and sometime have to be triggered manually.

IE 11
Installed bundle with the latest build is IE 11, the latest incarnation of the well-known browser. It is still in the early stage and Microsoft created a Frown / Smiley face at the top right for user to report any unsupported website. This data gathered by Microsoft would make the latest version a more user centric web browsing experience.

There are other changes mostly in the configuration options available and it would be a very long article if we need to cover all the changes. You can head over to the official websites for screenshots and detailed explanation by Microsoft.

Feel free to comment and ask any question about the latest build below and we will gladly try to assist you.

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