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Thursday, 11 December 2014

2015, the make or break year for windows phone

2015 will be coming in a few weeks and everyone are looking forward for what will be in store for Windows phone, now that Windows 10 is schedule to be previewed on January. Just like android, 2015 would be a major turning point with significant change under the hood. Windows phone 10 promised significant enhancement to the ailing operation system and now what Microsoft need is the devices.

To do that, Microsoft has been talking to device manufacturer and OEM to be in the Windows Phone bandwagon with multiple success rate. Huawei was vocal in their stand not to support Windows Phone but we also saw report saying other manufacturer are joining in. The biggest drive for manufacturer participation is Microsoft announcement of free licensing for all manufacturer of windows phone. Lets look at what might be in store for Windows Phone in 2015

New Interface
Report have suggested that Microsoft is toying with the idea of an enhanced Live Tile for for Windows 10. One report from Windows Central suggested that a new "exploding tile" will be featured in the new version and this tile was actually prototype earlier this year with code name "Mixview". The technology is already available and tested this year with their prototype flagship but was not released as Windows Phone 8.1 feature. You can read more of this feature from Windows central report last July.
Windows Central has been able to confirm with multiple sources that 'flyout tiles', also known as Mixview, will return to Windows Phone. Such a feature is returning because the concept was originally designed for the 3D Touch system that was to premiere with 'McLaren' -

New Hardware
The major problem with Windows Phone is the lack of device option and hopefully 2015 would bring a slew of new device maker and options to the table. The biggest concerned is what type of device would be available because Microsoft seems to be targeting the mid to low segment throughout 2014 with only one significant flagship announce in HTC M8. HTC seems to be in the Windows Phone ship for the long run with report of the upcoming flagship "Hima" will also be available with Windows Phone. Report also show that Acer will be coming back with multiple device that would be targeting the mid to low segment.

There is also leaked report of "Mclaren" prototype flagship phone that was canceled in July running the reported Mixview tile pictured together with iphone 6. Will the phone be branded again to feature Windows phone 10 is anybody's guest but that could be the reason of the "leaked" pictures.

Happy New Year?
What will become of Windows Phone in 2015 is anyone's guest but seems that Microsoft is really keeping the cards closely and that actually shows in the last #morelumia event where only one device is presented. Maybe Microsoft want to keep their flagship to be presented together with Windows Phone preview somewhere in January.

Exiting times ahead from Microsoft

Source: Windows Central

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