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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

3 reason why Android would not replace Windows Phone as my primary phone

I've been using both Windows Phone and Android and even though my Android phone is better spec, I still use my Lumia 925 as my daily phone. People always ask why I'm not using my bigger and shinier new Android phone more and ditch the Lumia, here is my 3 main reason why i never made the jump fully.

  • OS Update : The biggest issue I have with Android is the fragmentation of the operating system version. Android OS by itself is actually a great operating system but because of the nature of Android AOSP, many manufacturer and carrier have their own timeline of updates and patches. To make things worse, Android updates itself almost every year and to see new phones shipped with KitKat 4.4.3 when 4.4.4 was actually launched in June this year is a sign of fragmentation. Windows Phone on the other hand have a very good record on updates, where as reported almost 50% of the shipped devices are on the latest 8.1 version but still have some issue with carrier schedule. I also have the option to sign up as developer (which I did) and always get the update as soon as it is available.

  •  Security: Malwares, ransomwares and viruses tops the news for Android since 2013 and also the most of 2014. With the popularity of Androids and the fragmentation nature of the OS, maintaining security is not an easy option, 4.4.4 is a security update over 4.4.3 but many manufacturer opt to ship their phone with the later is a call for concerened. The biggest source of security breach is the application side loading, 3rd party app store and unofficial ROM that actually very popular among android user around the world. Windows Phone on the other hand doesn’t allow installation from other source by default will have some security control that minimized risk. It may lose out the ability to customize the phone as you like but in the long run and on enterprise environment that gave you a peace of mind. 
  • App performance: Take any game that is available on both platform and pitted it together side by side, you could see that Windows Phone version perform better even on low end specifications. As an example, we’ve captured a video of Lumia 925 (dual-core / 1GB RAM) and Honor 6 (octa-core / 3GB RAM) running the same Sonic Dash game with Lumia showing better graphic performance.
    The main reason for increase app performance is the efficient use of hardware and also the architecture of the application. Resource efficiency in Windows Phone is way better than android and that helps with lower end hardware specification. Take any lower model from Windows Phone and similar spec Android, the windows phone perform better as daily driver with limited lag and delay that plague low model android. This shows in sales report of lower end Windows Phone in developing country where the user experience doesn’t differ much between devices.

Windows phone biggest flaw is the app collections and I'm not shy to say I use more social apps on Android because make to make, apps such as Twitter and Facebook on Windows Phone are well behind in capabilities. Hopefully this would be fix as time goes and developer would start to build better apps for Windows Phone. It may lack the apps but Windows Phone are in my view is stepping in the right direction and 2015 would be an important with the release of Windows Phone 10.

Only time will tell..

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