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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Gesture Beta - Do more with gestures

Microsoft launched today their extended gesture settings for Windows Phone. In the current Windows Phone 8.1, the only available gesture is flip to silent ringer that can be found under audio settings. The ability to flip to silence ringer was added in the Amber update and was one of the main reason we purchased the Lumia 925.

Gesture Beta, extend the option to more gesture, including auto pickup call, auto loud speaker and auto mute in addition to the current flip to silence. These additional gesture is still beta and would be installed as an application for now.

Some of the new feature, demoed in this video by Microsoft is now available to download from Windows Store. You might need to search it as it is not easily visible in the main page and you would have to restart your phone after installing it.

You can expect Microsoft to add more feature to this app from time to time as this is still in Beta stage just like what Microsoft did with Cortana.

Here are the available functionality as explained in the Windows Store
With Gestures you can control some of the functionalities of your phone without touching the display.Our first release will enable you to control calls and silence your phone conveniently. You can:- Answer a call by picking up your phone and putting it to you ear
- Mute your mic during a call by placing the phone on a flat surface with the display facing down
- Put the call on speaker by placing the phone on a flat surface with the display facing up
- Silence the incoming call ringer by flipping device display down.
630, 635 and 530 have limited functionality

Download Here

Source : Windowcentral

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