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Monday, 29 December 2014

Gmail is finally blocked in China

The latest info from Google Transparency Report shows that traffic from china accessing Gmail drop drastically on the Christmas day showing sign of blocking. This latest blocking add to the ongoing blocked on web access to multiple google services in China. The Verge reported that the disruption to access Gmail was shown since 6 month back but the drastic drop show evidence of blocks has been in place.

No official statement was release by Chinese government but this is not something new as a host of other services are currently blocked in china be it from Google or other service provider. Dubbed as the "Great firewall of China", Chinese government has been blocking a multitude of service from the outside world leading to a number of similar services catering for the domestic market

Google show traffic to Gmail from China drop suddenly 

Other Google's services that is not available in China is the Google search website, Google Map, Google Docs, Google Drive and Youtube. Others social networking are not spared as Facebook and Twitter has been blocked for a while now.

Chinese users of Gmail can still connect using non web interface before this where users connect using IMAP, POP and SMTP but now it seem that these services is already blocked. Only users using VPN would still be able to connect but it is not a common implementation by normal users.

Source : Verge / Google

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