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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Jolla Sailfish Promotion - indiegogo crowdsource closing in a day

photo by Jolla

Jolla tablet's indiegogo crowdsourcing will be closed in a day and they are giving perks for anyone that join with discounts and gift. Jolla have manage to garner close to 1.7 million dollars from this, more than 5 times their target of only $380,000 us dollars. With the closing of this fundraiser, Jolla is giving away more than just a tablet with gift available such as Jolla's exclusive LastuCase cover.

The biggest package or perk available is contributors can buy both the Jolla Tablet and Jolla smartphone for $488 USD, a total discount of $190 dollar from the retail price. The delivery for the smartphone would start in December 2014 (delivery by Christmas is not guaranteed) and Jolla Tablet in May 2015. If you choose to purchase only the Tablet or the bundle, you are still entitle to get "additional gift" by adding another 20 dollar.

Jolla is targeting to add new "split screen" feature if they manage to reach $1.7 million dollar after securing their previous target to add "microSDHC support up to 128GB" on $1.5 million dollar. On the time of writing, they only need another $44,000 dollar to add the split screen and hopefully they would manage to reach it before the fundraising is closed tomorrow.

For those who are not familiar with Jolla and Sailfish, here is a brief introduction on who and what are they up to taken from their official website

Who is Jolla and Sailfish
Jolla Ltd., the mobile company from Finland, is developing mobile devices and Sailfish OS, the independent mobile operating system. The Jolla smartphone, powered by Sailfish OS was introduced to the public in Finland in late-November 2013. Currently Jolla smartphones are available all over Europe, Hong Kong, India and Russia.
In November 2014 Jolla introduced the Jolla Tablet project, aiming to hit the markets in Q2/2015.
Jolla was born in 2011 out of the passion of its founders towards open innovation in the mobile space. Jolla is about offering a true alternative to the big players in the mobile industry. Our revolutionary Jolla smartphone, and the upcoming Jolla Tablet both run on the open and distinctive mobile operating system Sailfish OS, which was built on the heritage of MeeGo, an open source operating system formerly developed by Nokia among others.
Our aim is to be open, independent, and transparent in everything we do. DIT – doing it together is in our hearts. Our developer and fan communities are an integral part of the way we operate, how we develop things and move forward. We listen, and we take feedback. Without our community, Jolla would not exist.
Currently we have 125 employees working in our offices in Helsinki and Tampere, Finland and Hong Kong.

The Tablet comparison

If you think this is a very good deal and want to join the purchase, this promotion available only if you lives in EU, Norway and Switzerland. For those who are not, you have to wait until the second half of next year for device will be sold to public. For those who are interested to purchase only the tablet for $209 dollar, you can do so if you live in USA, Canada, Australia, EU, Norway, Switzerland, India, China, Hong Kong or Russia. For my Malaysian friends, we can only dreams.

Do you think that you would want one of this?

Source : Jolla / indiegogo

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