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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Moto360 - Smartwatch with smarter advertising #forourtimes

I've always been an admirer of moto360 smartwatch by Motorola and would like to buy one, once it is officially available in Malaysia. Motorola mobility have released a series of video advertisement for their Moto 360 that highlights it's beautifully crafted design and their capability as a something more than just a watch. As of now there are four video available showing four distinct character with their own twist. It started off with Businessman, Pianist, Holiday and the last one golf, all with their own funny side.

Hats off to Motorola for this creative advertisement and congratulations, you already got me hook on buying this. A note for Motorola Malaysia, please bring it in soon, video after the jump, enjoy #forourtimes




Moto 360 - Golf

Source : Motorola/Youtube

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