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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Skype Translator Preview – Welcome to the future

Have you imagine having no language barrier while communicating? That would create a world living without boundaries. While we are now used to translate documents and web pages where it was almost possible to read before that, translating a spoken language is not yet available, until now. Microsoft have introduce something magical, more than just translating written language, translating spoken language as it is spoken.

Imagine what can be achieve with this technology, patient can communicate with doctors around the world, student can learn other cultures and the possibility is endless. The ability to remove a barrier that would need years to master now can be achieve with a single download of a program is something Microsoft manage to accomplish.

Microsoft demoed the technology by inviting two school to try Skype Translator – Paterson School in Mexico City and Stafford Elementary school in Tacoma, USA – playing a game of “mystery Skype”. The children will need to guess the location of the opposite school by asking questions where one classroom spoke in Spanish while another spoke English. Skype Translator remove the language barrier between the two classrooms and enable them to communicate. Watch the video for their reactions.

Skype Translator preview might only support two language for now but with the learning machine that powered Skype, it is just a matter of time. It is not a small feat, there are hundreds of available major language and millions more sub language in the world and what Microsoft did is something to be proud of for this generations.

In time, Microsoft would expand this to other language as more and more people using the application and given enough input for the learning machine. If you want to be a part of this and the future, you can sign up and help Microsoft build the translator for your own language. This is a journey that personally I would want to be a part of and so do you.

Don’t imagine what the future will be because it is already here.

Souce: Microsoft

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