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Monday, 29 December 2014

Twitter Users around the world logged out from Android *Updated

*  Update : Login for Android is now back to normal (1:58pm Malaysia Time GMT +8)

Official statement from Twitter reads:
Between 4:00 and 9:25 PST today some users were unable to sign in to twitter.This issue was due to a bug in our front end code, which has been patched.We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.
Some users are currently having trouble signing in to twitter.
Our engineers are currently working to resolve this.

For those who are logging in to twitter using Android, you might have been logged out just like millions others today (including yours truly). Earlier, about 3 hours ago (about 8:20am Malaysia Time +8:00) users on Android reportedly being logged out by twitter with no explanation available. This seems to be only affecting Androids users as our Windows Phone and IOS client are still logged in to the system.

As the time of writing, the service are still not yet available for android users and the timeline on our twitter feed is lesser than normal. This is a very big outage and seems that no one have been able to explained why is this happening. Twitter on their own @twitter account did not give any explanation on this major outage while the latest tweet on the account was 11 hours ago.

One user on twitter (@_ninji) may have found the reason for this outage and it is because of the server date mismatch where the server date is already Dec 2015. The tweet, retweeted thousand of times show the result of connection that highlighted the date mismatch as the reason of disconnection.

If this is true, this would be a massive error by Twitter that left millions without their beloved 140 character rants.

We will keep you updated as new news arrived.

Can you access your account?

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