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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Windows Phone 8.1 Dev Preview - Cortana update ( 8.10.14219.341 )

build 14219

It has been almost a month since the last update was pushed, with the impending release of windows phone 10 next year, we expected faster updates for all dev preview users. The biggest feature available for this build is the ability to use Cortana in France, Germany, Italy and Spain in their native languages. Cortana now able to understand and recognized place in those country, because Cortana is contextual aware, recognising places is required to give Cortana the most personalized experience for users.

Windows announce the ability on their latest blog update and demonstrate Cortana's new capability such as understanding the languages, places and also the Football league result for those country. Users in this countries might get only the Alpha version where functionality is still limited but would be expanded over time once more and more users are using it. If you want to request additional Cortana features for those countries, you can head over to the Cortana's voice center here.

quick action button
cellular data is now available
The latest build also added one of the most requested feature, ability to toggle Cellular Data on Action Center. This new ability is very useful for those with limited data plan, roaming and travellers as cellular data connectivity will drain battery faster and the ability to toggle it easily would helps. This update can also give users problem as the space available for Action Center is limited and users have to sacrifice one for another. For those who are not familiar, Action Center can fit only 4 or maximum 5 buttons for user to have quick access to most used settings.

We were having storage issue with this update because our Lumia 925 storage was low and with the option Donwload Update Automatically chose, the update was download until the phone's storage fell below 1 GB. After doing storage cleanup using Storage Sense, the download continue to run as normal and prompt us to update once it was done. We could not see how big was the downloaded file and maybe it is time for us to change the setting to not download automatically updates on phone with limited resources such as our Lumia 925.

We are still trying to figure out any more available features or changes in this latest build and will keep everyone updated once we know of any. If you found any additional feature other that the things listed here, please do share your experience on the comment section below.

source Microsoft

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