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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Windows Phone app update - Glance Screen now support background

Remember the Nokia Glance background beta a while ago? Microsoft have brought it back to the masses. What once was only restricted to Nokia Beta tester is now available for update for all Glance supported Lumia devices.

The latest updates, silently pushed to all user will enable additional option called “Background photo” which will take your phone’s background photo as Glance’s background. While the option to apply in black and white or Colour is similar, Nokia Glance beta, allow user to choose their Glance background. Maybe Microsoft would make that option available in later updates.

For now, enjoy the update or download from here and let your imagination fly

See the time and other lock screen content when your phone is on standby. Choose the glance screen mode that suits you and enjoy the perfect balance of power consumption and visibility. Select night mode and your glance screen automatically dims during the set time range. Download glance screen and find it under Settings.
Set the lock screen photo as your glance screen background.

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