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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Xbox Music - Update for Windows Phone available ( 2.6.414.0 )

Microsoft just released a new update for Xbox music on windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. This new update enable back user to purchase individual songs, a feature that went missing since the last update last month. Joe Belfiore tweeted the update with a link to a change log site with news that the updates for Xbox music would be less frequent now. The reason given was that the team in Xbox music is working on new features that will be introduce in windows 10.

Xbox music would be updated on a monthly basis from now on but the feedback page is always open for user feedback. You can read the statement here.

Joe Belfiore tweeted the update and link to the change log
This update 2.6.414.0 addresses customer issue in;
- Thirteen of our top unexpected app exit (e.g. playback during sync, changing filter with selected songs)
- Album and Artist art issue

  • Some local tracks not showing album art in Now Playing
  • Album art flashing while shuffling large collections
  • Background artist art flashing
  • Inconsistent display of album art when offline
  • Local or sideloaded album not showing album art in Recent Plays
- Content sync interruptions causing all future syncs to fail
- Deleted songs don't always get removed from your collection
- Unable to playback album in certain circumstances
- Inconsistent sorting of songs that start win an article (e.g. "A")

With this announcement, we can assume that the windows 10 customer preview is not far away and maybe the recent news of it being available in January have some truth. 

We will try to keep you updated as soon as we hear anything

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