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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

H60-L04V100R01C00B370 - H60-L04 EMUI 3.0 Beta OTA update available now

As we reported earlier, the EMUI 3.0 update for Honor 6 (H60-L04) malaysia is now on and we've updated our unit as soon as it was available. The latest EMUI Beta update comes after months of initial request by owners of Honor 6 in Malaysia. The full EMUI 3.0 update will be available in Eastern Europe tomorrow and we hope we can get a hold of that version as it is available.

As this update is a registered Beta tester only, we will try to make available the update file once we manage to verify and upload it. For those who are not in Malaysia and would like to test this version, please be aware that Huawei actually release the update in 2 different update and we could not get the first update yet. The first update is for the system build where the Build number would be changed to B114 (Slight difference from European Beta build B310).

The second update will install the EMUI 3.0 and change the build number to B370 that is the latest available to date. Here are the change log for the latest B370 build

include the all new EMUI 3.0
Added multi-page folder
Added changeable widgets
Added smart notification panel
Added one-hand layout mode

New and improve suspend button
A greater emphasis on design, utility and experience

[All new UI]
Dot, line and circle design
Magazine-like visual experience, with translucent and blurry effect, large vibrant images, spaces and contrasts.
Flatten UI elements and abstract, ergonomic design

As we promised, we will upload both of the update file as soon as possible.

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