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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Xiaomi new flagship will launch on the 15th January - Possibly Mi4s / Mi5

Xiaomi seems to be on a very productive spree for the past few months. Right after the launch of their Redmi 2 with critical success, a new flagship would be launch next, next week to be exact. The company now is the 3rd biggest manufacturer after Apple and Samsung and they are not stopping there it seems.

The new phone launch event will be held at the Beijing National Convention Centre and 1000 tickets would be available at 99 yuan (about $16). As reported by Gizmochina, this may be the the unveiling of the rumoured Xiaomi Mi4s/Mi5 that have been circulating like wild fire in the internet. A poster was released by Xiaomi show that this new device would be thin, as Xiaomi put it, "thinner than the cicada's wings (an insect)". The report also mention that founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, took to weibo to announce the upcoming event by hinting that this would be an unveiling of their latest products.

The current record holder for the thinnest smartphone is the Vivo R5 and Xiaomi need to do something really spectacular to surpass that record. We, like others are a fan of beautiful crafted designed phones but normally a slim phone would comes with a lot of sacrifices on the hardware specification. Let's see what Xiaomi have in store for us next week and you guys can read it here as soon as he detail emerges.

Which are would you sacrifice to have a beautiful phone?

Source : GizmoChina

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