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Monday, 16 February 2015

Honor 6 - EMUI 3.0 B380 OTA update now available in Malaysia

* Update : new post is up on how to replace stock recovery and enable OTA on rooted phone.

* Update : Added new post/update file for B114 (EMUI 2.3) to upgrade directly to B380 (EMUI 3.0)

After the big EMUI 3.0 update release from Honor for the H60-L04, a new update ( H60-L04V100R001C00B380 ) is now available for those running B370. The OTA update is just an incremental upgrade with just only 39MB in size. There is no specific change stated other than the similar change log found in the earlier B370 update as shown below.

The biggest change that is visually available is the additional 4G toggle in the notification center menu. For those who downloaded the B370 update from this website, we also uploaded the B380 file for you to update your phone. Please follow the instruction below to update. If you are still on EMUI 2.3 and would like to update to the latest EMUI 3.0 please open the earlier post and download the update there.

New 4G toggle are now available

1. Download the from the link below
Download here

2. Create a new folder in your internal memory name as Dload  dload

3. Copy the in to the Dload dload folder

4. Open EMUI updater --> Chose Local Update --> open the file.

* changed the folder name, thanks Hafizul Asyhraf

H60_L04 B380 update 38.94MB
Change Log

Include the all new EMUI 3.0
Added multi-page folders
Added changeable widgets
Added smart notification panel
Added one-hand layout mode

New and improved suspend button
A greater emphasis on design, utility and experience

[All new UI]
Dot, line and circle design
Magazine-like visual experience, with translucent and burry effects, large vibrant images, spaces and contrast.
Flattened UI elements and abstract, ergonomic design.

[Home Screen]
Vast collection of online themes; easier ways to interact with home screen elements; various other improvements.

Clear and simple camera interface with panorama and beauty modes and a wide variety of watermarks.
Your home screen will be restored to its default layout after the update. Before the update, make sure your phone has not been rooted and that you have sufficient battery power and storage space. If you encounter any issues, please go to the Huawei maintenance and service website or a service center for help.

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  1. my magazine lock can't receive the updates ,does anyones know how to fix it ?

  2. Try checking the update setting from the lock screen if it is off / WiFi only / whenever available.

  3. even i had try every ways that reset the settings and clean those data to try eat up the updates but doesn't work as well

  4. Must i try the early post? Cause my honor on stock EMUI 2.3 please help me guys

  5. You have to update to B370 before using this B380 update. There is at least 2 update required before you are EMUI 3.0 (B370). Please use the info and the file from earlier post

  6. so what the next step after it bro?

  7. so what the next step after it? So i must following steps in early post and next i following by this post?

  8. once you are on B370 you can opt either to update the B380 or not. B380 is just a minor update. B370 is the EMUI 3.0

  9. great! thank you for the lesson buddy

  10. This version still have bug, when you use flip cover to play music, if you press previous will cause it crash and restart.

  11. Change the Default location in storage to Internal storage then you can update it...............

  12. Joseph Abraham3 March 2015 at 08:44

    good article how do i root this B380?

  13. If you are not yet rooted you can use the root method for B370 (using Honor 6 Multitool), rooting would wipe your data and replacing stock recovery would not allow update to EMUI. Have fun rooting

  14. I'm from India and was able to update to B380 using this article. However, would I receive future updates? Since B380 uploaded here is Malaysia specific just wondering if I'll receive updates released for India. They're saying they're working on Lollipop upgrade for India on their FB India page so don't want to miss out on that.

  15. Malaysian update is as of now is at B380 and its only for selected few, Europe update is at the same or B370 depending where you are. I wouldn't get my hope up on the Lollipop update from huawei as their record of updates are very very poor. If you notice, the current Honor 6 KitKat is only at 4.4.2. But if you are worried about the update anyway, you may not get OTA in India if huawei decided to skip B370 and B380 for India but if the use the same build then you can just update the available version from OTA..

  16. Suppose they skip EMUI 3.0 (B370/380) and release lollopop for India and I don't get the OTA update because I'm currently on B380, can I download the stock rom and revert to it using the same method described in this article? I have the stock rom downloaded from XDA. Or will I have to root and unlock bootloader and all that stuff? Also, if you guys get it first maybe you could upload it here and we can solve the whole problem!

  17. They are also providing a "downgrade packet" from B370 to B3109 on their website Would it work for downgrading from B380 to B3109? Your thoughts?

  18. They are also providing a "downgrade packet" to downgrade B370 to B109 on their website Will it work for B380? Your thoughts?

  19. My personal take on Huawei and Honor is that their update is still way behind the bigger player and they are not a company that adhere to the Android GPL license properly. In regards to Lollipop, i'm really sceptical on the release or even availability of it to Honor line of phones. EMUI 3.0 is just an interface for KitKat and as of now it is available on both 4.4.2 and 4.4.4 (honor 6+). I was expecting honor 6 EMUI 3.0 update with 4.4.4 but it was not so from there can see that huawei / honor is not really doing an update but just a interface change. If Lollipop is available anywhere down the road it is very very unlikely the update would be available to honor 6 just as honor 3c is not getting KitKat (still stuck in JellyBean) until today

  20. The easiest way is to download the available ROM from the official EMUI website and do a full system recovery (using 3 button or Hisuite). Which ever available there would be always accepted as OTA requirement. Don't need to root or unlock boot loader for system restoration.

  21. The window flip cover is not as pleasant as before can you guys help please? :)

  22. hey mayur i'm also from india and i have L-04 model and still stuck at b109 version. the links provided in the description are not working please tell me how to update to b380 and kindly provide the links also.

  23. you have to do a factory 3 button reset with B380 image. will create a post on how to do a factory 3 button reset with any image later if you need it. you can just google for the way if you need it quick

  24. i get software install failed error whenever i try to update through file.

  25. What is your current version? And which file was downloaded?

  26. i downloaded the ota file and using b370