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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Lumia 925 - Lumia denim update now available for Malaysia

After a while, the official update to Denim is not available for most Lumia phones in Malaysia. The reported update would bump the current build to 8.10.14226.359. It is well documented that the Denim update might not be a significant update for most of Lumia devices except few because Denim focus more on the camera and imaging angle.

We've been running the Preview for Developer all this while on this Lumia 925 and the only update that we can see for now is the extra Build number for the Core Build. The Microsoft website listed Core Build 051.50009.1451.1010 as the one shipped together with Denim for Lumia 925 but we are seeing an updated Core Build number on our device 051.50009.1451.10458. 

With the latest updates, Microsoft have made Lumia Denim update available to almost all model sold in Malaysia except Lumia 625, 630, 820, 920 and 1320. 
Core Build

Microsoft also released Windows 10 Preview preview for registered "Insider" last week but the current build of Windows 10 is only available to few selected model and our old Lumia 925 is not listed. This might be the end of our 925 life with us because Microsoft seems to favor newer models for their Insider program. 

If anyone interested in buying a used Lumia 925 ( preloaded with the latest available build) please do contact us below.


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