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Monday, 23 March 2015

Honor 6 - How to replace stock recovery to enable OTA update

Since the last post on the B370 update file for stock, a lot of comments requested for us to write another post for the rooted phones. Same as our Honor 6, most of Honor 6 phone are actually rooted as it enable phone users to do a lot more stuff than the normal stock phone. During rooting, most user tend to replace the stock recovery with CWM or TWRP recovery as it will give more options including ROM backup.

As requested by many readers, this post is specifically meant for rooted Honor 6 (H60-L04) to revert back to the stock recovery and enable EMUI updates on their rooted phone. We will list down all the required tools and how to replace to stock recovery and continue with your OTA / Manual updates. This guide would actually show how to use Honor 6 Multi-Tool created by VirusPlus, all the this are available solely because of VirusPlus. You can thank him/her on the Honor 6 XDA forum.

Rooting Honor 6 doesn't actually required CWM to work. The most important in rooting is Unlocked Bootloader and the Root img file but it is a common things that whoever rooted their phone would also replace their recovery. Custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP is required if the phone owner wants to use the extra feature available in the custom recovery such as;
1. Install custom ROM
2. Backup ROM
3. Install application ROM (such as Gapps)
The downside of this recovery is that 99% of the time it will not support OTA / official updates and that is where the problem is for most of Honor 6 users

1. USB cable
2. Hisuite
3. at least 50% battery on your phone
4. USB debugging enabled
5. USB connection option is set as Hisuite

The tools
1. Honor 6 Multi Tools (Source from XDA by VirusPlus)

Options available
There is 2 ways of doing this and we actually tested both ways and it should work flawlessly.
1. Using Standard ADB / Fastboot
2. Using Honor 6 Multi tool

For most of the users, we would recommend to use the Honor 6 Multi tool as it is the easiest way available currently. The most important requirement for using this tool is an active internet connection because it must download and update the latest available file required for it.


1. Plug in your Phone to PC
2. Close Hisuite (if it is running)
3. Unzip the HONOR_6_and_6Plus_Multi-Tool
4. Open the Honor 6 Multi tool folder and run Honor6MultiTool.Bat
5. Folow the instruction
6. Stock Recovery
EMUI 2.3 (if you are on B108/B109/B114)
EMUI 3.0 (if you are on B370 and above)
7. Reboot phone

Your Recovery should be replaced by the stock EMUI recovery if you follow the steps without any problem. To confirm, shut down your phone and boot with Power + Vol up to access the EMUI recovery, choose reboot system now from there to access back to phone.

You can continue to do your update either thru OTA or Local update. Please read our B380 OTA post for all the required update files.

Please feels free to comments below if we missed out any details, have fun

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  1. salam..bro i already do it..but 1 question. when choose recovery>emui 2.3...i dont find b108 it is ok im using b109 to recover it?

  2. Should be no problem.. Same recovery file

  3. Any luck updating using the B109 stock recovery?

  4. Hi bro, How can i root my Honor 6 H60-L12?
    Please Help me..donno what to do..try many ways.

  5. we dont have a specific post for how to root because it can be found almost everywhere.. the steps are , 1. get the unlock bootloader code from huawei, 2. download hisuite 3. download Honor 6 multi tool (can get from our post on how to replace stock recovery).. follow the instrustion and you should be rooted.. take note that all data would be wipe once bootloader is unlock / lock

  6. THanks for replying this fast,

    i already try to get the unlock code from here :

    but saying the product id is wrong,

    i follow this tutorial:

    and cannot make it work,

    im not even passing the first step.

    Thanks in advance

  7. sorry bro.. hard to show in the blog comment section.. normally people forget to remove the ' when filling in.. did you remove the ''

  8. Already did.. OK bro.. Thanks.
    Nvm I tried to search more..

  9. Hello, i would like to root my honor 6 but without changing the recovery so that i can still do an OTO-update to android 5 in the summer, in your article i understand this is possible? (because on a lot of sites i read i first have to install clockworkmod). My version is B316, it is the latest version, but i don't have a H60-L04 but a H60-L02, will it also work on my phone? Sorry for being a noobie and thanks :)

  10. In the comment below, you could see that the step to replace CWM is actually required to install root file.. You could follow which ever step that you are comfortable with but in the end you need to replace the recovery back to the stock / standard recovery to enable future updates (OTA/manual)..