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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Honor 6 - Official (OTA) update for EMUI 3.0 in Malaysia

Official Update for Honor 6 Malaysia
Source: Honor Malaysia Facebook
* Update : Added B380 update file for upgrading from B114 (403MB) below

* Update : New post on how to replace stock recovery to enable update 

Honor 6 in Malaysia is now getting the official EMUI 3.0 update after more then a month after the initial beta testing. The update started yesterday at 6:00pm Malaysia time (+8:00) for those who were not registered as early adopters. This is a good news for all Honor 6 phone owner in Malaysia as it shows that Honor/Huawei is giving the long awaited update as planned (1st Quarter 2015).

As we speculated earlier, the EMUI 3.0 update is the exact similar update released earlier (B370) and also the similar build as released in Europe. The "Beta" in the earlier release is actually in regards of the method of the update was release where 2 distinct update (B108/B109 to B114 and B114 to B370) is pushed to all the phone through the air.

Update B380 from B114 (403MB) - Mega

You guys can read the earlier post from this blog on the availability , changelog ad even the update files below

Honor 6 B380 update
Honor 6 B370 update files
Honor 6 B370 Change log
Honor 6 B370 Beta registration
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  1. What's the build? B380?

  2. B380, they merge B370 and B380 in a single 400MB file. will try to get the file as soon as possible to upload.

  3. I already updated to b380 during cny with the instruction from this site.
    Does this mean I will not getting any update on this official b380 update?

  4. Nope.. You won't get any update as you are already on the same version as released. You will get OTA update if a new version is released afterwards

  5. need help bro..actually im stuck at b114, when i try to update to b370 it always say update failed...also same with file from xda developer..
    btw i got notice OTA B380...can u mirror that link...i got problem with mega

  6. have you rooted the phone or mess with the recovery? you are on H60-L04 right?.. as of now i only have mega for large file (bandwidth limit issue).. try download it using a PC

  7. yes rooted and before this my firmware is b108..i already flash stock recovry and success doing update to b114..but after i try to do again on b370 its say update failed..

  8. try doing cleanup of the earlier and just to be safe also remove the external memory before installing.. maybe the phone still try to install the B114 update earlier

  9. also not working bro...i already wipe data and removed external memory..

  10. Sorry, can't help much.. Hard to help thru here.. Maybe you could post your issue in any forum or group