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Friday, 10 April 2015

Nokia Z-Launcher - 1.1.21-Beta Update available

Nokia Z launcher update is now available for all android users. The launcher made its debut last year with the release of Nokia N1 tablet that showcases the Z Launcher capabilities. Since its release, the Z Launcher have been downloaded more than 100 thousands times and have been through multiple update even it is still in beta.

The new update (1.1.21-Beta) added few improvements and bug fixes is available today and can be updated automatically from your Z Launcher settings. you can read more on the Z launcher in our previous post here.

Updates Change Log

  • Performance improvements - Reduce time for 'Optimizing Z Launcher' during start-up of Z Launcher
  • Implemented a new Fast Scroller in Apps List
  • Display index letter above the apps list during fast scrolling to easily understand how far you have scrolled in Apps List
  • Improved Scribble handwriting recognition
  • Enhanced icon pack support
  • Bug Fixes 

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