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Monday, 11 May 2015

Honor 4x Che2-L11 - How to root Honor 4x (Kirin 620)

* Honor 4x - Kirin 620 vs Snapdragon 410
* Disclaimer : We are not responsible for bricked device and your warranty will be void
Honor 4x came in multiple device format but there are 2 distinct version, the Snapdragon 410 and the Hisilicon Kirin 620. Both of this device is named according to their configuration based on Honor Cherry family where Che1 is for Snapdragon and Che2 for Kirin 620. The later number in the naming convention is to differentiate specific models and the drivers (for ROM update / flash purpose)

In this article, we will show how to Root your Kirin 620 based phone (Che2-L11 (international), Che2-L12, Che2-L23, Che2-TL00, Che2-TL00H, Che2-TL00M and Che2-UL00) with the exploit created for Che2-tl00h model that is available in China. Luckily for us, the Che2-tL00 is exactly the same configuration as our Che2-L11 with Dual 4G standby, 8GB storage and 2GB of RAM. In order to do this, we need to unlocked the bootloader and that would means a full factory reset would be applied. Android would wipe all data in the event of bootloader unlocked for security reasons.

Install HiSuite
USB cable
Enable Developer option and USB debugging mode

Other required tools are
SuperSU by chainfire :
Tools and Batch file by Samusalo :

Unlock Code
The hard part for doing this is at the initial stage, getting the unlock bootloader code. We've tried to do the Honor 6 way where we try to input the model manually but until today it is still using unknown. The only way that we know is available to get the unlock code is by emailing Huawei for it. You need to provide your phone detail to them as below and send it to

Mobile Model: Honor 4X Che2-L11
Product ID: 

You will get your 16 digit Unlock code withing a week (3 days minimum) and once you have it, you can continue as below.

Unlocking the Bootloader (All data would be wipe)
Extract the downloaded to a simple folder name such as C:\H4xroot
Open CMD and change directory to the extracted folder (eg C:\H4xroot\ )
On the CMD type as follow
1. adb devices - it will show your phone serial number please proceed only if this command is successful
2. adb reboot bootloader - This will reboot your phone to Fastboot mode
3. fastboot oem unlock <unlockingpassword> - please replace the <unlockingpassword> with the 16 digit number that you receive from Huawei
if successful, the phone would show PHONE unlocked in red that would means your bootloader is now unlocked to proceed.
Reboot your phone

Replace Stock Recovery / Reinstall Stock Recovery
To root your phone, you need to flash a custom recovery to it.
Open CMD and change directory to the extracted folder (eg C:\H4xroot\ )
On the CMD type as follow
1. adb devices - it will show your phone serial number please proceed only if this command is successful
2. adb reboot bootloader - This will reboot your phone to Fastboot mode
3. fastboot flash recovery cofface_recovery_che2tl00h.img
If successful, you’ll get a ‘finished’ confirmation with the time it took to complete the process.
To confirm a successful flash, power down your phone. Then go Recovery mode (stock or CWM): Press volume up + power buttons
In case you need to turn back to stock recovery, repeat the steps 1 and 2 and use fastboot flash recovery recovery_offical.img instead fpr step 3 and reboot to your original stock recovery.
It is advised to restore stock recovery if you want to do EMUI or system update.

Rooting / Installing SuperSU
Download Chainfire’s SuperSU ZIP file into the phone’s SD card
Boot the device into Recovery mode by pressing volume up + power button from power down.
Navigate into the ‘install zip from sdcard’ option,
Find the downloaded SuperSU ZIP file, and flash it.
Once done, reboot the Honor 4x and launch the SuperSU app, install the binaries, and reboot the phone again.

Congratulations, your device is now rooted.

Thank you to Weisian and Samusalo from XDA forum.

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  1. You can download the full ROM from malaysia's huawei support website.. The file is 1GB++..

  2. Thank you very much......

  3. Lennard Germann10 June 2015 at 21:10

    What is the product ID? Where can I find it?

  4. Do this *#*#1357946#*#* .. The 8 digit is the Product ID

  5. Lennard Germann11 June 2015 at 14:13

    Thank you ! And wich imei ? Imei 1 vor imei 2?

  6. Only send the main IMEI.. Supposedly the first IMEI.. You can try checking the unlock bootloader request page from time to time if honor 4x is added.. You can check here

  7. Lennard Germann22 June 2015 at 23:25

    The link isn't working :(

  8. Sorry man.. They changed the link.. Now it's hosted on Huawei website.. You might need to register a user name.. Try this link

  9. Lennard Germann23 June 2015 at 01:36

    But I don't find the Honor 4x

  10. Lennard Germann23 June 2015 at 01:37

    But I don't find Honor 4x

  11. plz friendz help me out... my honour 4 c go to restart after restart.. i have tried hard reset wipe cache partition in stock reovery mood but still nothing :( last time at my phone i have installes kinguser on my phone for root permissions and also instaled busy box... now m stuck at boot logo.. it is just showing boot logo and again restartin and restatin... plz help me some one ???

  12. no i havnt :( i just bought it yesterday and last night i have bricked it :( any suggestions??

  13. no i havnt :( i just bought it yesterday and last night i have bricked it :( any suggestions???

  14. Your only hope is to download the full ROM for your model , extract to get the , copy it to external SD card (dload folder) and use the 3 button restore (power + vol up + vol down).. Without bootloader unlock you can't flash using PC

  15. where can i get full rom? and kindly tell me will that full rom flash with stock hawie recovery?? (sorry fr bad eng)

  16. kindly can u give me the link for full rom sir? plz? and tell me if stock recovery can flas that rom?

  17. Which model ? Che2 or Che?


  19. wait i upload screenshot

  20. i dont know .. its model is CHM-U01

  21. If your need further help, please post it on our Facebook page.. It's easier there

  22. sir link dosent open... and what is ur facebook page?

  23. now i m downloadin.. kindly assure me that stock recoverymood will install it

  24. Look for mytechgarbage page

  25. sir i have downloaded file,, extract and copied all folders in sd card but in recoverymood when i select update from sd card, than phone says there is no ota pakage file zip in sd card? what is this mean? and can u kindly brief this step by step sir? that file u gave me link have a zip file have in it dload or dload2 folders both have in them how to install them with huawie recover 1.0? :(

  26. alooooooooooottttt lot lot lot thanx sir u saved my life :) i used 3 buttons and update successed :) again thanx sir u were realy kind and legendery .. :)\

  27. You did it all by yourself.. Glad I can help.. BTW, Honor 4x and 4c in Malaysia is due for Lollipop Beta EMUI 3.1.. Stay tune