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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Honor 6 plus - Photo showcase by Wira Hidayat

Its been a while since Honor 6 plus is release in China and we in Malaysia have started receiving this unit officially this month. Honor 6 plus introduces dual lense to the masses with it's lower price point even if HTC is the one started the dual lense system. With an acceptable hardware performance and competitive pricing, this smartphone might be the best point and shoot camera phone available in the market to date.

There are already tons of phone review on the internet for Honor 6, but we would like to share something else and answer the biggest question, "how good is the photo taken by this phone?". These photos are taken from a Facebook page created by Wira Hidayat, one of the biggest name in Honor Malaysia group and also the earliest owner of Honor 6 plus in Malaysia, he is also a photographer by trade. Photos and the facebook page is after the break.

Given that Wira is not your average photographer, the photos are stunningly beautiful and you could tell that he would be able to create anything just by looking at these photos.

For those who are interested and would like to see more of his works you can like his Facebook page dedicated to Honor 6 plus photography. Trust us, you wont be disappointed.

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