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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Meizu M2 Note - is the M1 Note replacement better?

*update : Benchmarking M6753 vs Kirin 620 (Honor 4x)

Meizu would be unveiling a new phone on the 2nd June that would replace the current Meizu M1 Note. Will teasers of the new phone are now available, Meizu is building the hype for the smartphone in a major way through social media. Now that we have enaough info, we will try to see if the new is better than the old, something that normally is but not entirely true. We've seen how the latest doesn't means better with other manufacturers and is this new phone really is worth the plunge.

Meizu M1 Note was launched just less than 6 month ago, thus having a replacement model would indicate a lot of changes need to be done quickly on the earlier release. We will look at the differences between this new smartphone provide and the former and let you guys decide. All this info are not yet official and at most is a mere speculation so please do take all these info with a pinch of salt.

The Name
Meizu will use the M2 Note name as the teaser picture suggested but because the old M1 Note is not even a year, we could expect this phone to be not a replacement but a compliment with difference feature targeting new potential buyers.

The new home button
There were a lot of speculation of additional finger print sensor but now it seems that the changes would be more on the usage of the button. Meizu take pride of their home button because if you are a familiar Meizu Flyme OS user, there are no other button available like any android phone and Meizu replace it with gestures on the home button. The new home button would be slight ly bigger with a more oval shape than the old circle button and this would give more gesture option for the new phone. We could only wait for the official launch to learn of what new function would be available on the new home button.

The Hardware
There are reports that this new M2 Note would use the newer Mediatek MT 6753 SoC and no longer using the earlier MT6752. The biggest difference between these 2 similar A53 based chipset is on the WCDMA support added on and also a lower clock speed for longer battery life. There were many reports of MT6752 power hungry that phones must be shipped together with bigger than 3000 mAh battery to have an acceptable battery life. The MT6753 fixes this battery issue but with a big sacrifice in the clock speed, with lower power consumption, manufacturer could build a slimmer and lighter phone overall with smaller battery.

We expect the M2 Note would be slimmer than the predecessor because of this changes in the SoC. Another big advantage is the new MT6753 would be able to support CDMA2000 1x architecture and ED.VO standard making the MT6753 a true world phone that could be use globally.

The Flyme OS
No information as of now on what would the latest Flyme OS version brings other than it will be based on Android Lollipop. This is something that we have to wait for the official release on the 2nd of june to actually see what Lollipop update brings to the current FlymeOS.


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