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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Honor 3c (H30-U10) - How to update to Official EMUI 3.0 (V100R001C900B320)

As reported in our earlier post, Honor 3c EMUI 3.0 update is now available for download and available for install for users in Malaysia. The file is from an Official ROM designated for Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar. So if you are from these country, this is the official update for you. 

This post would highlight more on the way to update your phone and actually a copy of the earlier post that also include the same manual. Looking at the file, we can safely say that there wont be any OTA update file or incremental update file for this phone and you are stuck with full system flash using provided by Honor. The main reason for this is that Honor 3c is still on EMUI 2 (Jelly Bean) and upgrading it from EMUI 2.0 > EMUI 2.3 > EMUI 3.0 would required significant numbers of OTA files where at least one is required for each version. 

So for all Honor 3c user, this might be your only chance top upgrade your phone to EMUI 3.0 with Kitkat and please do not expect any OTA to be release because of the reason we stated above. There are 3 available way to run this update but all would still wipe your internal memory data. The 3 option below are listed from easiest to hard where the local software updater is the easiest one while the Engineering mode would be harder for normal user to understand. You dont need to run all but just choose which one would you prefer. Good luck!

How to update your Honor 3C

Make sure you backup your data (this is very important as the update would wipe all your internal storage data), multiple backup location and software would be safe as its better safe than sorry.

Download this file (Huawei) / mirror (MEGA) and extract it to find UPDATE.APP
Create a dload folder in the microSD card's root directory,
copy the update package UPDATE.APP to the dload folder,
You must be in the correct version (B113) you can download the full B113 ROM Here (philippines)

Update Procedure

Option 1: 
Updater Software
Go to phone updater
Chose Local update

Option 2:
Forcible Update
Remove the mobile phone's battery and install it back.
Then press and hold the volume up, volume down, and power buttons to power on the mobile phone.
When the mobile phone vibrates, release the power button.
Do not release the volume up and down buttons until the updating screen displayed.

Option 3:
Update in Engineering Mode
Power on the mobile phone as usual
enter *#*#1673495#*#* on the dialer to access engineering mode.

Choose SD card upgrade.
The mobile phone then automatically restarts and displays the updating screen shown after the logo,
which means that a microSD card update is in progress. A progress bar is displayed.

Once this screen is shown, you are done, enjoy!!

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