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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Huawei Honor 7 - Launch date and what to expect from the new flagship

The next Honor flagship would be launch on the 8th of June as a replacement of the current Honor 6 that was launched almost a year ago. The teaser of the event was released last weekend, making everyone guessing until Huawei themself gave the biggest hint with the price decrease of current Honor 6 model on the official Vmall website. With earlier leaked photo of the reported Honor 7, we will take a look at what would the replacement brings to outdo the best selling Honor 6.

There are many harware detail speculation running around the rumour mills but one thing for certain that this flagship would be better than the current Honor 6. That itself is not easy to do because Honor 6's was the best phone money could buy for the price. When Honor 6 was released, it was equip with the best processor in Huawei's stable, 3GB RAM and also other flagship spec with the fraction of the price from other manufacturer.

What to expect form the new Honor 7?
Metal body 
Honor 7 would be all metal build, just like Honor 6 Plus that would give this phone the premium feels. The biggest gripe we have with our previous Honor 6 was the material used gave us a bad impression.
Finger print scanner
EMUI 3.0 have a build in software ready for thumb print scanner and we would expect Honor 7 to actually be able to use it as no other Honor phone are capable yet, expect a similar finger print scanner on the back just like Huawei Mate 7's.
Kirin 930 and 3GB RAM
Will be powered by Kirin 930 and not 935 as many speculated because Honor is still a lower brand from Huawei and they would not want to jeopardize P8 sale. Expect a similar 3GB RAM, just like the previous Honor 6 and Huawei latest P8.
EMUI 3.1 (Lollipop)
Honor 7 would be running the latest EMUI 3.1 build on Lollipop just like the one used in the P8 models.

With the launching of Honor 7, it would be bad news for current Honor 6 user if we look at the way Honor is handling their previous models. Honor 6 are still on KitKat with no update schedule in place and with the launch of Honor 7, the expectation of getting any update soon is diminished. Huawei would sure keep the best things and latest software for the new model and only release updates for the older one when the time is right or not even at all. 

With the price of Honor 6 is also lowered by more than 10%, selling your Honor 6 phone on the second hand market is also not the best option to date. For all Honor 6 user, we can only hope that Huawei would not forget about Honor 6 just like they forgot about Honor 3c / Holly.

Only time will tell...

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