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Friday, 31 July 2015

EMUI 3.1 - Lollipop 5.1 BETA update for Honor 4X and Honor 4C is available

* Update : Offical EMUI 3.1 for Honor 4C is available (India firmware)

We have posted earlier about the open registration of BETA EMUI 3.1 (android 5.1) update for users in Malaysia and today, Honor Malaysia have surprise users in Malaysia by not sending OTA update but letting user download the update themself. The update (BETA) seems to be the exact file distributed in Europe base on the naming convention of the update files. The biggest drawback is the update is not an OTA update so anyone installing the update would lose all your data, please backup.

As usual, we will put the link here and also how to update your phone for those that are new and for those who are already familiar with Honor update system, this file should be not an issue for you. Again, as a reminder, always backup your phone and the update file is not a inline update but a full flash update that means it will completely wipe your device to factory settings. All your data would be downloaded manually and restored from your backup  

Please download the file from Huawei Malaysia support website and please take note that the download speed might be slow because of the traffic and we will create a mirror once we manage to download a copy of the file.

1. Please download the EMUI 3.1 (update file below)  for according to your device using a PC
Honor 4X - Honor 4X (Che2-L11)Firmware C636B302 _Android 5.1_EMUI 3.1 (Beta)
Honor 4C - Honor 4C (CHM-U01)Firmware C636B302 _Android 5.1_EMUI 3.1 (Beta)

2. Extract the update file ( in Your PC and copy out the file
3. Plug in your device to the PC via USB cable
4. Create "dload" folder on your internal drive / SD Card and copy the in to it. (using pc explorer)
4. Open EMUI updater and Chose Local Update
5. Install and reboot your phone (you should be updated to C636B302 by now with EMUI 3.1)

Important Note:

The update file is not a inline update but a full flash update that means it will completely wipe your device as factory. 

Please take note of your apps prior installation as most of the user of these phone would move the apps to SD card and might have issue with free space once the app would be reinstalled. The small internal storage might be a big issue here. 

This is a major update in android because it will update current Kitkat firware to the latest Lollipop firmware and please do expect longer installation time and some minor issue.

As any other Lollipop installation, all apps need to be reinstalled right after the update and this would take as long as 2 hours depending on how many apps are installed.

Enjoy the update and please do share your experience on the comment section below.

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