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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Honor 4C - Official Android 5.1 Lollipop update available (India)

Honor 4C (the smaller screen sibling of 4X) has been given an official update to Lollipop from Honor India. The update came in the form of a manual update and not OTA as expected on the 21st September. Honor 4C is a device that is internationally similar for all available market thus making this update as an international device update also.

For those who are wondering why the update doesn't come thru OTA, the main reason in the limited space available in the local storage on the device itself. With on 8GB internal memory and with less than 4GB usable, an OTA update would not be the best option as most user might use up the storage and that would make downloading the update impossible. 

The same way of update was done previously with Honor 3C due to the similar issue, Honor 4X would be having the same update methodology as both of these devices as 4X also have very limited internal storage.
Read more on the update by heading over to Honor India blog post here

For those who would like to update their 4C to the latest Lollipop EMUI 3.1 version, you can do so by downloading the update file from here and follow the steps below.

2. Extract the update file ( in Your PC and copy out the file
3. Plug in your device to the PC via USB cable
4. Create "dload" folder on your SD Card and copy the in to it. (using pc explorer)
4. Plug out the phone and Open EMUI updater --> Chose Local Update
5. Install and reboot your phone (you should be updated to Android 5.1 now with EMUI 3.1)

As a precaution, Honor advises to always clear cache before and after update by doing the method below
1. turn of your phone
2. Press Power and Volume up together 
3. use volume up/down button to select "wipe cache partition"
4. select by using power button.
5. select "reboot system now"

Have fun updating to the latest EMUI 3.1 version as it came with more option and also Android Lollipop update. Feel free to comment below.

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