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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Honor 6 - Official EMUI 3.1 Android 5.1 International update (C900B521)

Just a few days after India's Honor 6 Lollipop update, International update are now available for the rest of the world to enjoy. This is the correct update for any international sets around the world and it came with a higher build number than India. So for those who have been updated to either Malaysia Beta or India firmware, you should be able to update this without any issue.

The C900B521 is currently the highest available build for Honor 6 and might be the one to be released to other country such as Malaysia. The region code of C900 was the same region code at any Beta release in Malaysia and International. If you are looking for Honor 6 Plus update, head over to our new post.

There is no need for user to downgrade the Beta as you guys just need to download and update your phone manually as below

1. Download the Honor 6 update file to a PC
2. Extract the update file ( in Your PC and copy out the file
3. Plug in your device to the PC via USB cable
4. Create "dload" folder on your SD Card and copy the in to it. (using pc explorer)
4. Plug out the phone and Open EMUI updater --> Chose Local Update
5. Install and reboot your phone (you should be updated to Android 5.1 now with EMUI 3.1)

Have fun with the full update and if you have issue after updating, please do clear your cache to fix any Google play store / Services issue by doing the steps below.

1. turn of your phone
2. Press Power and Volume up together
3. use volume up/down button to select "wipe cache partition"
4. select by using power button.
5. select "reboot system now"

Since someone ask which build can be use with this update, we extracted the Update.App
This update file could update for the build below (extracted from VERLIST.img)
HDH60L01R00C00B101SP02, H60-L04V100R001C00B109SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B310, HDH60L01R00C00B101SP02, H60-L04V100R001C00B109SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B310, 60-L04V100R001C00B109SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B109SP02, H60-L04V100R001C00B110, H60-L04V100R001C00B110SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B110SP02, H60-L04V100R001C00B111, H60-L04V100R001C00B111SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B111SP02, H60-L04V100R001C00B112, H60-L04V100R001C00B112SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B112SP02, H60-L04V100R001C00B113, H60-L04V100R001C00B113SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B113SP02, H60-L04V100R001C00B114, H60-L04V100R001C00B114SP01. H60-L04V100R001C00B114SP02, H60-L04V100R001C00B115, H60-L04V100R001C00B115SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B115SP02, H60-L04V100R001C00B116, H60-L04V100R001C00B116SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B116SP02, H60-L04V100R001C00B117, H60-L04V100R001C00B117SP01. H60-L04V100R001C00B307SP03, H60-L04V100R001C00B308, H60-L04V100R001C00B308SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B308SP02, H60-L04V100R001C00B310SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B311, H60-L04V100R001C00B320, 
H60-L04V100R001C00B320SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B330, H60-L04V100R001C00B330SP01, H60-L04V100R001C00B350, H60-L04V100R001C00B360, H60-L04V100R001C00B370, H60-L04V100R001C00B380, H60-L04V100R001C00B390, H60-L04V100R001C00B391, H60-L04V100R001C00B392, H60-L04V100R001C00B393, H60-L04V100R001C00B372, H60-L04V100R001C00B373, H60-L04V100R001C900B500

please do feedback at the comment section with your current build and the update result (success or not) because there are comments that say they can't update their build. Thank you so much for everyone's help.

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