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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Honor 7 - A great camera for still photo

One of Honor 7 biggest selling point is the use of sony's latest Exmor RS IMX230 sensor. The sensor brings technology such as 21MP, f/2.0 aperture, 1.1 micron 1/2.4 inch sensor, Phase Detect Auto-Focus (PDAF) but you would see some are missing in Honor such as 4K HD video recording and a slightly lower megapixel count. Because Honor 7 is a mid tier target market, we can see why Huawei opt to remove few feature to kept cost lower but for some its a big let down because the sensor are one of the best currently.

Image and Video capability does not rely solely on the sensor and there is where Honor 7 is lacking when put together against other IMX230 devices.

Huawei have been using Altel as their ISP chip vendor for image processing algorithm. Kirin 935 is shipped together to include Altek6010 as the main ISP and this is where the issue lies that Huawei have to forgo 4K recording and higher FPS video capture.

Even without the fancy capability, Honor 7 still capture great image with the help of the sensor and some brilliant software. The camera control are the same found in the earlier Huawei P8 with an addition of a mode called "good food".

Lets look at the camera control.



Honor 7 camera control borrow a page out of ios style control where user swipe left or right between Light painting, beauty mode, video and good food. On the left of the on screen capture button is the image preview and on the right is the build in filter with eight additional filter to choose from.

The picture are 20MP that is beautiful to be seen on any phone or to be shared thru social media but a closer examination on the photo, the detail is loss in zoom most probably because of the lack of Optical image stabilization that created a smudge effect when zoom.

Below are some of the photo captured by Honor 7 on different location and lighting condition. We saw that the camera would perform very well with high / well lit environment such as daylight photo and perform poorly on low light condition. With the lack of image stabilization system, low light photography would be poor without a proper camera steady system such as a tripod.

Camera sample







Photos taken by Honor 7 is one of the best we've seen in the price range and even could be better than Huawei own flagship P8 that is price higher. The one part that we found that Honor 7 could stand out and great would be the still photo section.

Video is where Honor 7 lacks maybe because of the use of Altek ISP and also the Kirin 935 cpu itself that still run Mali-T628 GPU. Where other phones with Sony IMX230 can excel such as 4K video and high FPS, Honor 7 still only can shoot full HD 1080 video at 30 FPS.

Video sample

Even with its flaw, the still photo quality made up where the video lacks and that is a very big way what most user would use on a regular basis. It is a great camera for the price bracket and might be the best in the same price range.

How do you find the quality of these photo, please leave a comment below

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