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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Honor 7 - Part 1 : The Design

Honor latest phone, the Honor 7 was launch in Malaysia on the 21st Sept but we were given a loan phone a few days earlier by Honor Malaysia for us to play around. Honor Malaysia were kind enough to load the unit to me for a three month period until December and here is my take on the phone after almost a week using it.

I will be writing the full Honor 7 experience in 7 part because there are so many to tell and it would not do justice if i only put it in a single post. this first post would focus on the phone outer shell and also the look and feel of the device.

Honor 7 is by far one of the most beautiful phone ever came out of honor brand or some might even say the most beautiful. To be fair to Honor, i will not put the detail just like the spec sheet but i will concentrate on the feels it self.

The outer body shell is metal and felt premium, better than the earlier Honor 6 poly carbonate shell and even Honor 6 plus's metal body. The metal body felt right and the best it didn't felt slippery at all in your hand. Honor said that the metal helps with the heat dispersion and I found its true where the heat are felt at the bottom of the phone just as Honor intended after playing with mobile game.

From the front, A gorilla glass screen covers the whole body with only a speaker strip hole on top where a subtle notification LED is housed.

The top of the phone lies the IR blaster, headphone jack and a small secondary microphone for noise cancellation. And at the bottom, two holes are located at either side of a micro USB. Don't be fooled by the two holes, Honor 7 have only one speaker at the left grill and the right side housed the microphone, the two holes are made to look identical for aesthetic value.

Volume control and the power button is at the right side with metal finish and a thing of a beauty by itself. The power button housed in a metal machined area that show how detailed are Honor 7 is manufactured.

On the left side housed the new button that Honor called the "Smart Key". This button are programmable with three different gesture, single push, double push and long push. All the three different gesture can be assign in the setting that we will cover in our other post.

New to Honor 7 is the implementation of nano sim, the nano sim tray located at top of the left side. It a dual tray with dual purpose where users of Honor 7 can chose to expand the storage using a SD Card or to use the second tray for their second sim card. The same implementation are found in Huawei flagship, the Huawei P8.

On the back, the huge protruding camera lens are very noticeable and some might complaint that the phone would not be able to rest on it back properly. Below the sapphire crystal lens nested a finger print sensor, something that is familiar with Huawei users of their Mate series. It is easy to reach and would actually making one hand usage of the phone a lot easier.

The Honor 7 is a beautiful phone and also the material used in the manufacturing really do justice to its aesthetic value. Honor as a company seems to be learning what is important for exterior design and to be fair to them, they really did something special here.

Honor 7 are a phone that need to be hold and touch to be able to appreciate it fully but Honor as an internet only sales avenue, all their hard work might not be noticeable for prospected buyers. So for those in Malaysia and would like to see and hold the device, please join Honor Family Malaysia for their informal event thru out this month.

Part 2: The Internal Hardware
Part 3 : The Camera

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