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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Iphone 6s and 6s plus - 3d touch really make a difference (video)

Force touch might not be apple exclusive technology but Apple have made it their own with a very beautifully design UI. While other Android vendor such as Huawei still trying to find ways to use the technology, apple seems to hit it on the first try thanks to the implementation of "right click" with 3D touch. With easy access and multi option integrated to the way force are applied to the screen, apple have made a new way of interacting with your mobile devices.

Ironically, right click is an alien to Mac and their full fledged OS but the implementation on iOS 9 is the best that every user would find it second nature once they got a hold of the latest iphones. We are not saying that it is an original idea by Apple but as of now it is the best innovation to date that happened to any mobile device operating system.

 Here is a sneek peek of 3D touch

This might be the best of Apple on display again since the release of the first iphone that bring us pinch and multi touch gesture interface. There are other innovation that was shipped together with ios 9 such as new camera feature and the normal hardware upgrade, this 3D touch is the one that really made a lot of difference.

It has been a while since Apple create something that would stun the market but in our eyes, Aplle implementation of Force touch technology in the 3D Touch will revolutionize the mobile phone industry. Kudos to apple.

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