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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Honor 4X - Official Asia pacific EMUI 3.1 Lollipop update (C636B330)

Honor are making true to their promise by making Lollipop update available to almost all phones that was release after Honor 3c and 3c lite. The most recent would be Honor 4X CHE2-L11 lollipop EMUI 3.1 update was release to the public last week. The offline update came at a huge 1.4GB zip file that would be almost 3GB (2642MB) extracted.

For all Honor 4X user, some precaution are required before updating your phone and we would try to list down all the precaution here in this article. Just as the earlier Honor 4C update, this update would not be having  a blanket rule as the internal storage for both Honor 4C and 4X are very small.  This update file was found out to be another master build so almost every version available are allowed to update using this file.

Update prerequisite
1.  Make sure all your app are moved to internal memory and would fit everything inside.
2. If somehow you cant fit all your app in internal memory, please do uninstall apps that use a lot of free space.
3. Make sure you have at least 1GB of free space in your internal memory after all your apps are moved.
4. backup your data either to SDCard or to Hisuite (Computer)

How to update
1. Download the Honor 4x update file to a PC
2. Extract the update file (CHE2-L11C636B330) in Your PC and copy out the file
3. Plug in your device to the PC via USB cable
4. Create "dload" folder on your SD Card and copy the in to it. (using pc explorer)
4. Plug out the phone and Open EMUI updater --> Chose Local Update
5. Install and reboot your phone (you should be updated to Android 5.1 now with EMUI 3.1)

Your phone will be very sluggish for a while (few minutes to hours) because Android would need to reinstall all your apps again one by one. This installation would include all pre-installed system apps thus even if you dont have any apps installed it still be having the same issue.

ART and Lollipop explained - Where ART thou

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