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Monday, 12 October 2015

Honor 4X - Restore stock recovery to enable update

Honor 4X is one of the most popular smartphone release by Honor last year and a lot of the users actually rooted their phone. If you are root using the method posted on our blog here, here is the method for you to install update to your rooted phone. This post is a result of a comment posted on our root method post asking how to enable update installation.

If you root your phone by using unlock bootloader methodology, this would be the best option for you moving forward while maintaining root capability for minor Kitkat update.

The same tool used for rooting would still be use here but for those who have deleted their installed tool you can download the things below
1. Minmal ADB and Fasboot (XDA)
2. stock recovery

Restore stock recovery steps
1. Make sure your phone have deleveloper option enabled
2. run minimal ADB and Fastboot
3. Copy the downloaded recovery.img to the Minimal ABD and Fastboot folder
4. On the ADB screen run below command

  • adb devices - it will show your phone serial number please proceed only if this command is successful
  • adb reboot bootloader - This will reboot your phone to Fastboot mode
  • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

5. You phone recovery is now return to stock (EMUI 3.0)
6. Reboot your phone and install the update available

If you have any issue, please do comment below.

The recovery file was sourced from an earlier post that might be missed by readers, if you have issue with the recovery file, please do let us know.

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