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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Honor 7 - How to enable mobile data limit settings

For those who own Honor 7, you might found it strange that you couldn't find any standard Android mobile data limit settings in the EMUI 3.1 interface. For some strange reason the setting was not available eventhough it is available as Android standard system. this post will help you how to enable Mobile data limit settings for your Honor 7 or any other EMUI 3.1 phone without this option.

All you need is a very powerful tool that is available in Google play store called "activity launcher". This app by Adam Szalkowski will allow you to access any available option based on what is installed on your mobile as what the description say "Launches hidden activities and creates home screen shortcuts for installed apps".

All you need to do is to download "activity launcher" here and install it to your Honor mobile.

you will be greeted with a prompt

On the top menu, chose All activities

Scroll down until you see Settings

Choose Settings and scroll down until you see Data Usage

Chose Data Usage and the app would automatically open the option and create a shortcut on your homescreen.

There are multiple available hidden menu that can be access but we must highlight that it might be dangerous to change any settings that you are not familiar with. Have fun and maybe you could share what else you found available and useful that could be share by using comment below.

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