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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Windows 10 Mobile - New Facebook Universal app is available for update

A new update for Facebook app (Universal App) is now available for Windows Phone running the Insider Preview of Windows 10 Mobile. The latest release bring a visual update that is better and almost on par with Andorid / ios version but it bring new problems together. Version 10.1 is visually better than the currently available facebook app for windows 8.1 that applied similar location and overall design as Android version of Facebook app.

The biggest drawback is this is actually a universal app and that would means its actually meant for all device running Windows 10 (PC, tablet, mobile, xbox and the whole ecosystem). With standardization, the way it is presented have to consider other platform thus any notification receive by the app would actually open Facebook website on the Edge browser.

This would fix almost all the negative feedback that the earlier Facebook app faces such as no inline commenting, comment using photo and other known issue by integrating browser capability that would be able to do all of those. This might be the way forward that Microsoft are looking at with utilizing browser close integration to enable any available feature for these apps.

Personally we found it annoying to move between app and browser interface on mobile but this is new and maybe Microsoft are still finding the best way and we hope to see more updates going forward.

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