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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Honor 7 - The finger print sensor

Finger print sensor are everywhere in smartphones nowadays but does all fingerprint sensor are the same?. Huawei are not, Honor 7 have one of the most useful finger print sensor available in the current market and that seems to put them better than the rest. It is normal for manufacturer to market their finger print sensor as the fastest and so does Honor with their 0.5 second recognition. The speed are not everything and we could attest to that as what we found on Honor 7 is something that is unique and useful at the same time.

What Honor does is to use the finger print sensor as other input control that could be use in not just registering your finger print but also gesture control. The option are huge and with this sensor, Honor have the capability to add more feature afterwards. 

The available menu for Fingerprint are divided in to 3 different option.
  • Fingerprint management
  • Touch and hold gesture
  • Slide gesture

Fingerprint Management
Honor 7 could store up to 10 fingerprint information and thru out our time with the phone we register only two index finger for both hand. The location of the fingerprint made it impossible to use any other finger because it is located directly behind and right under the camera lenses

It may be awkward for some but we found the location at the back made it easier to unlock your phone using fingerprint. It is fast and we mean really fast, we couldn't tell how fast it is until we get a hold of other fingerprint equip phone and what we found is that it is not just fast but very accurate. EMUI also provide an extra layer of app security where users can lock app access with fingerprint that would prompt user to enroll it when required.

Touch and hold gesture
This is where most of the extra gesture option are available. With EMUI, Honor 7 could utilize the fingerprint sensor to manage almost anything if Huawei wanted to. This option might be different as version of EMUI is updated that could alow for more gesture control.

The usage case for each gesture are very accurate because most of this option are normally access while holding up the phone. 
1. Back to Home :\
By touching the fingerprint and hold, EMUI would jump back to home screen in an instant without using any other finger to tap the Hone key in front.
2. Take photo / video :
Selfie are never this easy with a snap button is right where your index finger is. This is where users that like to take selfie would be really happy.
3. Answer Call :
With this option enable, you just need a finger to unlock your phone and use it again to pickup your call. 
4. Stop Alarm
The title gave it all, let the lazy you decide which button is the easiest and the back fingerprint sensor is an option that the lazy you would be happy to have.

Slide gesture
This is where the uniqueness of the sensor excel, it is actually could work as a your touch pad because it could register movement as an input option. There are only two option available as of now with Sliding up to open recent apps list and sliding down to access notification panel. 

After a long period using this additional gesture control, you could be feeling wanting all other smartphone to be implementing the same gesture option as it is very easy and really help user to do your normal task. We could say that when its time to return our loaned Honor 7 this would be the feature that we would really missed.

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